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21 Inches Top Sale Kamado Grill
21 Inches Top Sale K
Kamado with stainless steel Table BBQ Grill
Kamado with stainles
Luxury Ceramic Kamado Grill with wooden table
Luxury Ceramic Kamad
23 1/2
23 1/2"New Size AUPL
18'' new glazing fomular black kamado grill
18'' new glazing fom
21'' new glazing fomular red ceramic kamado grill
21'' new glazing fom
13" Hotsale kamado c
13 Hotsale Kamado Ceramic Grill(Blue)
13 Hotsale Kamado Ce
21kamado grills with arc-shaped Wooden Table
21kamado grills with
New Type Kamado with Deluxe Wooden Table
New Type Kamado with
30''Cask Charcoal BBQ Grill with a Stove
30''Cask Charcoal BB
13''kamado ceramic grill/table grill(Blue)
13''kamado ceramic g
21 Inch Yellow Shiny Ceramic BBQ Grill
21 Inch Yellow Shiny
13''Purple ceramic grill kamado grill
13''Purple ceramic g
13''kamado ceramic grill/table grill(Silvery)
13''kamado ceramic g
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Kamado with stainless steel Table BBQ Grill
Kamado with stainless steel Table BBQ Grill
Model: AU-21S3
Brand: Auplex
wholesales Price: USD$ 598 - 800
Start From: 150 Piece(s)
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Price List:
Quantity Price
 1-35 USD$800 
 36-83 USD$680 
 84-99 or more USD$598 
Contact us for better price.
Unit Price:USD$800
US$800 x 1 =US $800

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This stainless steel table is speically design for our ceramic kamado grills.


Our factory produce and develop Ceramic Kamado Grills with high quality and competitive price in

present China market. We studied many of the concepts for Special Kamado design, and has

 engineered a cooker that out performs many of the original Kamado designs.

What is Kamado?

It's a derivation of an ancient Chinese clay cooking pot and it has introduced to the western

world in the middle of the 20th century.

Features of Our Products


1. Grill, smoke, BBQ, bake all in one cooker.

2. Auplex kamado Grill can be used as a grill, smoker or even as an traditional oven.

3. The different temperatures can be reached to make it possible to cook pizza, mimic the

 tandoor, grill the chicken tikka or naan bread.

4. Auplex Kamado Grill can well capture the food's natural juices.

High quality

1. Rust Free: Heavy-duty Stainless Steel hardware.

2. Thick Wall: Almost twice as thick as competitors.

3. More efficiency and better performance at high and low temperatures.
4. More heat retention and superior thermal.
5. More Craze-Free Surface: Baked on enamel prevents the glaze-crazing.
6. More eco-friendly: Attains and maintains temperatures much more efficiently than

charcoal metal grills.
7. More Energy Saving: Reduce the amount of total energy consumed during the cooking

process as it yields a dramatic reduction in consumption of fuel and total carbon.

8. More Charcoal Saving: Auplex Kamado Grill allows you to use leftover charcoal repeatedly

 which helps conserve fuel in the long run.

Loading Qty of Kamado with Table:
20"ft: 36pcs  40"ft: 84pcs  40"HQ: 99pcs  


We can offer many color:Yellow,Dark Red,Orange, green, black, red,bule...


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