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21 Inches Top Sale Kamado Grill
21 Inches Top Sale K
Kamado with stainless steel Table BBQ Grill
Kamado with stainles
Luxury Ceramic Kamado Grill with wooden table
Luxury Ceramic Kamad
23 1/2
23 1/2"New Size AUPL
18'' new glazing fomular black kamado grill
18'' new glazing fom
21'' new glazing fomular red ceramic kamado grill
21'' new glazing fom
13" Hotsale kamado c
13 Hotsale Kamado Ceramic Grill(Blue)
13 Hotsale Kamado Ce
21kamado grills with arc-shaped Wooden Table
21kamado grills with
New Type Kamado with Deluxe Wooden Table
New Type Kamado with
30''Cask Charcoal BBQ Grill with a Stove
30''Cask Charcoal BB
13''kamado ceramic grill/table grill(Blue)
13''kamado ceramic g
21 Inch Yellow Shiny Ceramic BBQ Grill
21 Inch Yellow Shiny
13''Purple ceramic grill kamado grill
13''Purple ceramic g
13''kamado ceramic grill/table grill(Silvery)
13''kamado ceramic g
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Black ceramic grill/kamado grill
Black ceramic grill/kamado grill
Model: AU-21G
wholesales Price: USD$ 298 - 360
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 1-54 USD$360 
 55-125 USD$320 
 126-155 or more USD$298 
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Unit Price:USD$360
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21''kamado ceramic bbq

Product Description

China ceramic cooker grill/kamado(A-21G)
1. 21" ceramic body and stainless steel assembly kamado smoker
2. Type: Ceramic kamado grill

21''kamado ceramic bbq grill

1)material of body: Ceramic;
2)material of assembly: Stainless steel;
3)outside diameter of the grill circle: 55CM;
4)inside diameter of the grill circle: 50CM 

Packing details:

Packing size:78*78*96cm
N. W: 90kg

G. W:96 KG

Diameter of the grill circle: 50CM

Unassembled:20ft: 65pcs   40ft: 144pcs   40HQ: 158pcs 

Assembled:20ft: 54pcs   40ft:104pcs   40HQ: 162pcs

Other size:

26"kamado ceramic smoker BBQ grill

18" kamado ceramic smoker BBQ grill

12" kamado ceramic smoker BBQ grill

We supply gas BBQ grill, electric grill and other items, if you have intereting, welcome to your inquiry. Thanks 

The benefits of the Ceramic kamado grill:

Fast lighting -- ready to cook in 10 minutes with no lighter fluid
Ceramic walls retain heat with accurate temperature control and no hot spots
Fuel efficient so there is no need to add more charcoal while cooking; Unburned charcoal can be reused
Constant tending not required; With enclosed cooking there are no
Grease flare-UPS
Withstands temperature extremes from below 0° To 1800° F
Can be used year around, even in freezing temperatures and rain
Surface stays cooler and is safer around children than metal grills
Weatherproof ceramics won't rust
Handsome, decorative and unique design
Produces the juiciest, most succulent food you'll ever taste

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